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Ichigoichielove is a collaborative project between Ri (Swedish/American) and her husband YJ (born and raised Tokyoite).

Ichigoichie is a Japanese expression which means “one time, one meeting” and can be likened to carpe diem. TheLove” partshouldn’t need any explanation.



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Has never lived in a place for longer than 4 years, and can thus be considered either permanently homeless, or homeful (<-that’s not a word) and feels she can live pretty much anywhere without too much fuss. Blames YJ (her fiancé) for breaking her max-4-year-in-one-place streak soon. Japan stats: lived in Osaka 2007-08, Miyazaki 2010-11, Tokyo 2011-now. Interests: Music, reading, writing, food (both cooking and eating it. And looking at it. And taking photos of it.) and fashion. 同じ場所に4年以上住んだことがない永遠のホームレス(またはホームフル…どこにでも住んでるかも)。ただし、YJ(婚約者)のせいで4年以上、同じ場所に住むことになりそう・・・ 日本では、大阪、2007-8年、宮崎県2010-11、そして今は、東京2011-????。 好きな物:音楽、読書、書く事、料理(食べても、作っても・・・見ても・・・写真を撮っても。。。)とファッション。

Own beliefs summarized by one fan in 30 Second to Mars’s music video, “Closer to the Edge”:

信じている言葉は、30 Seconds to Marsの「Closer to the Edge」のPVで一人のファンが言ったこと:「神様を信じている人もいるけど、私は音楽を信じている。神様に祈るより、ラジオの音を大きくする」

[Tweet ““Some people believe in God—I believe in music. Some people pray—I turn up the radio.” – Fan in Closer to the Edge by 30STM”]

For more information on Ri’s “serious” work and writing, click here.



Japanese, but has lived in Australia and on the west coast in the U.S. Likes ramen, manga and Ri. Dreams of a peaceful life in the countryside fixing up motorbikes and cars in his spare time. Ichigoichielove’s official instant ramen reviewer. 日本人だけど、適当な性格(^^;)。オーストラリアやアメリカに住んだことがある。ラーメンや漫画や”リ”が好き。田舎でバイクと車の修理をしながら、のんびりした生活をしたいと夢見ているシティーボーイ(自称)。一期一会♡のインスタントラーメンレヴュアーを担当している。


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Monday, weekly: Culture/Language

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Thursday, weekly: Tokyo Walking / Throwback Thursday

Friday, biweekly: Intercultural relationships, personal anecdotes

Saturday/Sunday, occasionally: Foodie posts: recipes, restaurant reviews etc.


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