The Weekly Bulletin: Week 7, 2017

We’re about halfway into February and I can’t wait for spring. There have been a few telltale signs that it’s on its way—the plum blossoms are finally coming through. I haven’t had a chance to snap any good photos yet, but I hope to before they disappear!

Plum blossoms from last year


  • I knew I had to start this roundup with a song that went viral last week: “Chicken Attack”. It’s even better than what you’re imagining right now. The Gregory Brothers, creators of Songify and Autotune the News, made this amazing work of art with content studio Portal A, and the help of a very special man; Takeo Ischi. If you haven’t heard of him then you’re probably not a German citizen with a love for yodeling. (It just keeps getting better, right?) I won’t explain too much, but if you can spare four minutes for a video today make sure it’s this one:

  • The British Museum’s Youtube Channel (which, for the record, is pretty great) featured an episode on Japanese manhole covers. They’re often intricately designed, but the best bit about this clip is curator Nicole Rousmaniere’s enthusiasm for the topic:

  • Shingu is a town in Wakayama prefecture that virtually bursts at the seams with historical significance and yet has been almost entirely forgotten by the rest of Japan. I was lucky enough to head out there late last year and wrote an intro piece on it for NHK World. (It’s also where I met this badass boat captain. I forgot to ask how old he was, but he’s for sure no spring chicken.)

Our Stuff

  • I sent Brown on a mini adventure last week and he forgot to take photos. He took one, outside a shrine. Tsk, tsk. I’ll be taking him with me on a few work trips this coming week, so here’s hoping we get some good ones.

  • If anyone is wondering where YJ is, the most likely response at any time of the day or night is: work. I’ll be writing a post about Japanese work culture (and how crap it generally is) once I can calm the rage enough to make it less of a rant. It’ll still be one, but with fewer swear words than I would use now. In the meantime, here’s a post on the few perks of him always working late.


What’s your favorite first sign of spring?

4 responses to “The Weekly Bulletin: Week 7, 2017”

  1. Marta says:

    Our plums blossoms are in full rage too! I have 4 plum trees just downstairs. They smell so good!!

    I can’t wait for spring either. I am so eager to put away my collection of hot water bottles until next winter hahaha!
    Marta recently posted…Can the Great Wall be seen from space?

    • Ri says:

      You have four plum blossom trees by your place? Lucky!! I have to walk 20 minutes for the nearest decent ones, haha! It’s still totally worth it, though. ^^ They do smell amazing, and they really brighten up the otherwise gray scenery too.

  2. Autumn says:

    Thanks for the mentions, and I laughed over the watch at your own risk warning!

    Chicken yodeling is pretty funny, especially the montage at the end. Is it the new pineapple pen?!
    Autumn recently posted…An Anti-Valentine for America (#175)

    • Ri says:

      My pleasure! I always enjoy reading your posts and feel compelled to share them. (<-read that last bit in a southern drawl, just because it sounds better.) Here's hoping the chicken yodeling starts a new trend. It was actually so catchy I ended up putting it on repeat in the background as I wrote.

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