The Weekly Bulletin: Week 46, 2016

Long time, no write.

I was planning on a much more dramatic entrance than a weekly bulletin post. I mulled over how best to get back into blogging after such a long hiatus. But the more I mulled, the more I delayed, so in the end I decided to ease in with a usual update post. I won’t go into detail about why I’ve been away, but it can be summarized as such: good things happened, bad things happened, things got busy, the blog was forgotten, then remembered, something else was prioritized, I forgot my password, I forgot how to use WordPress, etc etc. Exciting and totally original, no? In the end, I missed writing here so much that I got my butt into gear and here we are. Now, onto the round-up!

A cart o' cats. As relevant as any other picture would be.

A cart o’ cats. As relevant as any other picture would be here.


  • Akita Inu Tourism is trying to attract visitors with a new idol group of Akita Inu dog people called Mofu Mofu Dogs. (Mofu mofu is an onomatopoeic expression meaning fluffy, or soft to the touch. Akita is the northern prefecture where the famous Hachiko comes from, and where the Akita dog (Akita Inu) gets its name from.) It’s…an interesting…campaign, but perhaps not as eye-opening as that of Australia’s Northern Territory. I think Akita should stick to posting videos of just Akita puppies, because I’d go for just them. Wouldn’t you?

A good example of the videos they should be posting. I’m not ashamed to say it made me cry, and it’s not even sad:

  • Living abroad, it’s often easy to forget how things work back home. Someone shared a reminder of how good Sweden is about waste management and recycling with me recently:

  • Apparently, I’m not done with Akita dogs, so here’s another one. Yuki goes on an adventure and meets some pigs, horses and a cat.

Our Stuff

  • Brown, often featured on my Instagram, now has his own Twitter account. Follow him for occasionally interesting insights into being a little bear in a big world, and plenty of selfies in exotic (and non-exotic) locations.
Brown in a non-exotic location.

Brown in a non-exotic location.

  • I wrote a thing on autumn in Japan for NHK World’s column Eyes Open. I felt like I was telling a white lie about the weather because the rain has been pretty relentless this year and it’s already gotten cold and miserable. It’s normally true, I swear!


Annnd, that’s it for this time. Until next time, here’s a grumpy-looking cat from our old neighborhood:

Grumpy cat is grumpy

Grumpy cat is grumpy

P.S. My last post on here mentioned a giveaway—I still plan on doing that (and have a bunch of goods ready for it), but it’ll take some time to get in order.

4 responses to “The Weekly Bulletin: Week 46, 2016”

  1. Marta says:

    Great to see you back 🙂

  2. Mabel Kwong says:

    Welcome…back?! I’ve missed you, Ri! But it is still so good to catch up with you on Twitter and on IG. Always entertained by you an what’s happening in Japan 🙂

    It is nice to hear that Brown is going out and about. He is so cute, and looks like he likes travel a lot. He still looks very clean and polished from getting around. I bet he will make great friends with my stuffed monkey Mr Wobbles 🙂

    • Ri says:

      Yasssss! I’m looking forward to interacting on blogs more–I realized that when I don’t blog I’ll read other blogs (like yours, cause I loooove it) but I won’t interact because it’s such a pain to write comments on my phone. :/ I spent way too much time thinking about how and what to do or change, so for now I’ll just write…and think later. Although that doesn’t sound too good either.

      I’m sure Brown and Mr. Wobbles would get along excellently! 😀 Brown will have to get his butt down to Australia at some point. ^^)b

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