The Weekly Bulletin: Week 10, 2015

Yesterday was Hina Matsuri (or Girls’ Day, Doll’s Festival), where families place out dolls in Heian dress, eat tons of food and wish the best for their daughters’ health and happiness. Sadly it’s not a national holiday even though it should be, given that Boys’ Day (<-in May, and renamed Children’s Day but with no other changes) is one. Even without it being a day off, it’s still a good excuse to eat something deliciousーYJ and I hit two birds with one stone and ate doll-shaped cakes. 



  • Talented manga artist (she worked on the famous Prince of Tennis manga!) Jamie Lynn Lano is holding a commission campaign to help get her new manga business off the ground. She will draw any person of your choice (actually, as many people, things, animals as you likeーprovided there’s room) for $40 (USD). I already ordered one for us (because usually one of us has an awkward facial expression… looking at you, YJ) and will share it on the blog once it’s done! If you’re interested in having a professional manga artist draw a picture for you, you can find all the details here. Also, more info about her in the interview I had with her for Metropolis magazine last year.
  • If you have trouble with procrastination, Fluent in 3 Months addresses three mind traps that get us delaying what we should doーand thankfully also how to get over them. If you’re like Texan in Tokyo though, you’ll be doing the “right” type of procrastination: working > housework. ^^
  • Flower and foodie lovers should be checking out Foreign Sanctuary’s weekly photo postsーthere’s plenty of both! There were intricate statues carved out of carrots and more last week, and some amazing puppet displays (and cherry blossoms!) the week before.
  • A great interview with Diane Kichijitsu, a British rakugo performer here in Japan (and a very lovely ladyーhave had the pleasure of meeting her once), about how she got into the rakugo scene. She performs in both English and Japanese, which is amazing! Rakugo is a really minimalist form of comic storytellingーthere’s only one person who sits on stage with just a couple of props. It’s quite impressive! The first video is an interview with her, the second is an explanation of what rakugo is, and how it works. (Unfortunately I couldn’t find a video of her performing in English!)

  • …And now for something completely different! What happens if you fill a bath tub with Coke Zero and wear a Mentos suit? Japanese Youtuber Hajime finds out:

He also performed a stunt involving a giant water balloon in his bath. I don’t think this guy is going to be allowed to stay in his apartment for much longer… ^^;

  • And finally, a music clip from Kent, one of my favorite Swedish bands. It’s always hard to choose what song to share with people who have never heard of a certain bandーespecially when they’ve played music around for almost 20 years! But I’ve decided to go with my absolute favorite, “Mannen i den Vita Hatten (16 år senare)”. It’s not for everyone since it’s really sad (even if you don’t understand the lyrics) and kind of long, but it’s easily one of their greatest works. If you’re keen to hear more (or want to see if they have something more to your liking) check out the official Kent Youtube page. ^^

Japanese camellia flowers

Beautiful tsubaki (camellia) flowers still blooming!

Our Stuff

  • YJ and I have been holed up at home mostly with cold/flu symptoms for almost a week (in quarantine??) which wasn’t fun, but we’re both on the mend finally. ^^; Don’t worry though, we managed to eat ourselves back to some sort of normality thanks to some delicious kimchi nabe (hot pot).
kimchi nabe

Blaming the blur on fever.

  • Giveawaygiveawaygiveaway! I announced last week in the blog’s 100th post there will be a giveaway! Details will be out on Friday, so keep your eyes peeled for that! It may pop up late Friday night Japanese time, since I’m running behind on everything (see previously mentioned cold XD).

That’s a wrap! Am I the only one panicking over the fact that it’s already March??

13 responses to “The Weekly Bulletin: Week 10, 2015”

  1. Marta says:

    Ri… where are you? 🙁

    • Ri says:

      I’m here!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
      Well, I will be soon - now I'm having domain issues, haha! I'm glad we've been keeping up to date via snail mail!

  2. Hilary says:

    Hi Ri! Diane is amazing. I can’t recall where I saw her (not live). Did you two move recently? Btw, that kimchi nabe looks so yummy!

  3. Helen says:

    Lovin’ that Kent song. No clue what they’re saying, but lovely just the same.
    Helen recently posted…Photo of the Day: Cleaning Up

  4. Mabel Kwong says:

    Thanks for sharing the manga artist. It’s sooo tempting for me to get her to draw something but I don’t know what to get and you know…monies, since I’m out of work right now. Maybe not for long though… 😉 I bet you and YJ will turn out very cute.

    So sorry to hear that you and YJ have been sick, but good that things are going back to normal with a bit of good food. Ramen always makes you feel better. If not chocolate will do 😀
    Mabel Kwong recently posted…What Does It Mean To Be An Asian Australian Writer And Artist

  5. Thanks so much for the mention! I am glad you are enjoying my 365 day project.

    That coke and mentos guy is a little crazy – first, who jumps into a tub of coke zero with mentos on their body and second, who wastes money like that? It made the news in Taiwan [the section where funny youtube videos are shown] so I guess fame has a price tag [the amount paid for coke and mentos and cleaning charges.] 😉

    I can’t believe it is March already. However, the lantern festival starts tomorrow, so I am looking forward to that as well as other things this month.
    Constance – Foreign Sanctuary recently posted…Goats & Flowers – The 2015 Changhua Flower Festival in Xizhou, Taiwan

  6. Timo says:

    Alright, why most of those videos were so damn weird? 😀

    Haven’t heard Kent for a long time, they used to play it a lot in Finland few years back
    Timo recently posted…What is an interracial household?

  7. I need to remember that Mentos guy’s face! Just in case if he gets kicked out of every apartment in Japan and decides to move to Malaysia, then I will definitely NOT rent him a room!
    CL (RealGunners) recently posted…Shinjuku 新宿

    • Ri says:

      Hahaha!! Very good idea! Considering the crazy things he’s doing, I can see it being very likely he’ll need to move abroad eventually. XDDD

  8. Marta says:

    I think the Coca Cola is only bubbling because he jumped in quite furiously, not because of the Mentos 😛

    I think I have listened to Kent, I might even have one of their albums :O Will check later at home!

    And yes. OMG it is March already!!!
    Marta recently posted…The Maiji Grottoes

    • Ri says:

      Hahahaha!!! I think you may be right about the Coke/Mentos things, haha! XD I just hate thinking about how sticky it is later…. Eww!

      Oh! Maybe! They released a couple of albums in English as well, so it’s quite possible. 🙂

      Arrrgh where is this year going alreadyyyyy!! XD

  9. You are connected to so many wonderful people I admire, it doesn’t surprise me though, because you are very admirable yourself!

    Hajime’s YT videos are one of H and mine’s favorite ways to kill time, he is hilarious!
    Miyagi Mermaid recently posted…Sailor Moon and Valentine’s Chocolate

    • Ri says:

      Aww, you’re too sweet! <3 I've just been very lucky (And in some cases very doggedly insistent, haha!!) 😀

      Oh, neat! I've only just discovered him, but his videos are a lot of fun. (I try to avoid YT except for music videos only because I'll get lost in the vortex of cat videos and only resurface 12 hours later... Same with Etsy, minus the cat videos. XD)

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