Conversations with YJ: I Can’t Live* Without You

*like a normal human being


While I spent most of December sitting on a couch eating nachos and watching QI reruns on TV, YJ was working, working and working some more. Despite taking about 5 days off for our mini honeymoon, he still managed to clock 80 hours of overtime before the end of the month. That’s 80 hours of overtime in less than 3 weeks. And because of that, I understand that’s why things turned out the way they did while I was away, but it doesn’t make me much happier about it. This calls for some bad poetry, inspired by Clement Clarke Moore’s ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.

Conversations with YJ- I Can't Live-

‘Twas the morning before New Years

And all through the house

There were clothes and old photos littered throughout

Stockings and socks were hung without a care

As well as shirts and trousers and a stuffed LINE bear

Jet lagged and tired I snuggled in bed

While visions of yakiniku danced in my head

With YJ at work and the neighbors away

I settled in for a long nap… until I woke with dismay

The piles of things were still very much real

The chaos was more than I could deal!

Then YJ was home and for that I was grateful

But when answering my question “What did you eat all this time?”

My expression turned most hateful

“Ramen” he moaned

While he pat his bulging stomach and groaned

“But it’s not my fault! You weren’t here!”

Which should have awarded him a slap around the ear

But tired as I was, I gave up the fight

And ordered in some pizza that very night

You win some, you… choose to lose some. ^^; I’ve finally gotten the place in order after almost a month, but YJ dumping about 2/3 of his belongings taken from his parents’ house in our tiny apartment didn’t impress. With his current overtime work he doesn’t have as much time to cook as he used to, so he can be forgiven for not eating perfectly well or keeping tidy… But I’m pretty sure there are better options than ramen. >_>


Ramen: YJ’s other true love

(This episode was inspired by Marta Lives in China‘s story, “Don’t Leave Your Boyfriend Home Alone”. YJ will no doubt give an insight into what my “home alone bad habits” are one day… ^^;)

Do you or your partner have any “incorrigible” habits when left to your/their own devices? 

10 responses to “Conversations with YJ: I Can’t Live* Without You”

  1. LOVED IT!!

    Wow! 80 hours of overtime in 3 weeks and add another 120 hours of regular work equals A LOT of work. Is always like that or he just put in more hours because you were not there?

    Ah – the place was a mess. At least he had a good reason. You know he wasn’t sitting around and watching TV all day.

    My husband helps me clean but he is needs to work on putting things back. However, I need neat and order so I usually end up asking up to put things away. His office, which I refuse to organize, is complete and utter disorganization but it seems to work for him.
    Constance – Foreign Sanctuary recently posted…A Blanket of White: Plum Blossoms in Xinyi, Taiwan [A Photo Essay]

    • Ri says:

      Thank you!! 😀
      He generally almost always works some overtime, but Oct, Nov and Dec were particularly bad. Some people had quit and he had to make up for the “gap”, plus general disorganization… Has calmed down mostly now though. 🙂 Haha true, no TV for him. Just work, ramen and sleep. T-T

      That sounds a bit like YJ too. I’ve been working hard to keep surfaces clean at least lately, and things I remove keep coming back, even when he’s not using them anymore. Hmm…baby steps!

      And you’re wise to stay away from that mess, I’m sure! Though the disorganization is stressful I imagine, trying to get it in order may be even more so. 😮

  2. Mabel Kwong says:

    That is such a wonderful poem! You have it in you to be a poet. Now you know what to do when YJ leaves you alone 😀
    Pizza always makes thing much more better, doesn’t it? I always think it’s healthier than instant noodles because it has vegetables on top 😛

    That bowl of ramen look soooo good! It actually looks like the ramen I eat in Melbourne, from one of the better shops here. I love my ramen with soft shell crab. That always fills me up 🙂
    Mabel Kwong recently posted…Why We Love Certain Foods And Flavours, And Hate Others

    • Ri says:

      Hehe yes, pizza is surprisingly comforting! 😀 I definitely put a lot of veg on top if making it at home but am not so good when ordering it. Maybe in that case ramen is better… eep.

      Oooh, ramen with soft shell crab! Sounds delicious! ^^

  3. Helen says:

    Yeah, when I’m away, it’s mostly ramen. Actually, even when I’m here it’s mostly ramen… 😉
    Helen recently posted…Photo of the Day: Ohenro-san? Obo-san? Hatted Man in the Street

    • Ri says:

      Haha-! YJ would be the same if I let him. 😀 Although sometimes he stops by a ramen shop o the way home from work, using the excuse that “I thought you were already asleep so I didn’t want to wake you with noises in the kitchen”….uh huh. 😛

  4. I went away for work for 10 days this summer, and when I got back home, everything was stagnant! Piles of dishes, piles of trash, piles of laundry. I’m pretty sure instant ramen was his meal of choice as well.

    To his credit though, at least they were in piles, and he got the urge to clean the bathroom while I was away. He always cleans the bath, which is nice because I can’t stand to.

    I have a habit of setting things. Most recently, the kotatsu table top became my place for setting books, laptops, mail, and other assorted papers and got scolded when we couldn’t share a meal on it because of the clutter. I’m working on making this less of an issue though! There is just so much to do, not enough time or energy!
    Miyagi Mermaid recently posted…The Good News 1:22

    • Ri says:

      Haha, piles are definitely better than having things strewn all over the place! I’ve cleared quite a few piles over the last few weeks and have just started on working against the setting things (same problem for me!)/ Problem is, we both contribute to the issue and currently I’m the only one trying to fix it. I need more 協力 from him! To be fair, we also need more space for storage, another bookcase etc. T-T
      And 100% agreed! Time and energy is all it takesーand yet time and energy is so hard to find/make space for. (Hence my crazy speed-reading of declutter blogs and books lately. At least it inspires…kinda? :D)
      Ri recently posted…Conversations with YJ: I Can’t Live* Without You

  5. Marta says:

    HAHAHAHA BRAVO!!! standing ovation!! what a wonderful poem :DDDD I am so honored my stupid post inspired you 🙂

    Well, you already know my boyfriend’s bad habits: buying useless and ugly stuff! I hope this habit ends soon though as he has a huge mortgage to pay now with the new apartment.

    The ramen that YJ eats, is it the instant one? or he makes it himself? remind him about the insanely high amounts of salt the instant ones have!! salt is a killer!!
    Marta recently posted…Our short-distance relationship

    • Ri says:

      Hahaha, thank you!! <3 Many of your posts are inspiring! 😀

      Hehe, I hope for your sake too that his habit stops soon... XD

      He eats both. He prefers eating real ramen at restaurants (he likes to think of himself as a connoisseur)ーhe's made it at home a couple of times when I've bought special packs from different areas in Japan (each region has its own flavor etc)... but other than that it's either in a box or at a ramen shop. :/ And yes, he really needs to cut down on salt in general. D:

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