Tokyo Walking 19 東京ウォーキング

Throwback Thursday: My first visit to the infamous Tokyo Immigration Bureauーa large, looming and always crowded site of red tape and a general atmosphere of utter despair. It is often a frustrating experience because no one ever seems to know exactly what is needed for what kind of visa and thus people either bring too many documents, or are told they have too few… and when they follow up with the missing ones are told that these were not needed in the first place and why are you bothering them with extra things they don’t need. On this particular occasion, it was my first time renewing my visa in Tokyo and I foolishly imagined that the walk from the station to the bureau “wouldn’t be that far” and that “buses are for wimps”. Given that this was on a hot and sunny day in August with no convenience stores and little shade on the way I proved myself to be the foolish one. Live and learn! Since then I’ve been much more sensible. ^^;

This week’s Tokyo Walking shots are from Shinagawa.
All were taken on August 8th, 2011.
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shinagawa 1
shinagawa 2
shinagawa 3
shinagawa 4
shinagawa 5
Yup. It’s pretty grey alright. If you exit Shinagawa station from the opposite exit it’s much more built up with the usual cluster of buildings you’d expect in urban Tokyo. Here there was a bit more space, which was nice.
灰色ばっかりですね! ^^;

10 responses to “Tokyo Walking 19 東京ウォーキング”

  1. Nina says:

    I’ve totally done that walk before xD never again haha.
    Nina recently posted…Anna Karenina.

  2. Marta says:

    Oh, the immigration bureau… everytime I go here in China I am scared they will reject my application and send me back home, haha. Luckily that has never happened…
    Marta recently posted…“Let’s push the bus!”

  3. Yocelyn says:

    I hope you got a breeze with the water. I really dislike those hot sunny days especially when you have a long walk to go. It’s always nice though to get that slight breeze when passing by water. It’s so refreshing.
    Visas sound annoying, but then again having to deal with any government regulations is annoying. It can be so time consuming. I’m so impatient. I always over bring documents on any occasion because I do not want to have to return to deal with people. XD

    • Ri says:

      I don’t remember a breeze, unfortunately. Just the hot, beating sun T-T
      Then again, I may be overdramatizing the memory, haha! 😀
      Yeah, overbringing is the best way to avoid those lines and grumpy officials! ^^

  4. Oh, I hear you about all the red tape that goes into dealing with immigration. Hopefully, life will be way easier for you since you are married and your husband is Japanese. I remember needing to get a criminal check etc. when I applied for a visa under my husband’s name. However, it is just a matter of filling out a piece of paper and renewing it every three years now.

    I am also stubborn when it comes to taking the bus because sometimes it is quicker to walk than to wait. But, walking in the heat on a sunny day in August sounds rather punishing – but, at least you had the view of the grey buildings and the traffic to keep you company! 😉
    Constance – Foreign Sanctuary recently posted…Taking a Plane: What it is like to Fly with My Canadian Wife

    • Ri says:

      A criminal check, eek! Well, I guess I await the same fate. Holding out on renewing/changing my work visa because we’re still looking into the restrictions that apply on a spousal visa… ^^;

      Yes, I learned my lesson regarding that particular routeーif it were spring/autumn I may be better off. XD
      Ri recently posted…Tokyo Walking 19 東京ウォーキング

  5. Mabel Kwong says:

    It definitely looks very urbanised indeed with the silos and the vehicles. Walk to the immigration in hot weather…oh dear 🙁 It must have been disheartening to see all the cars whiz by you. But very nice photos 🙂

    Better to over-bring than to under-bring. I really hate these immigration or renewing official documents kind of things. Not only do you wait long, sometimes there is missing information too and you feel so lost. But you are so right – live and learn!

    The thing bad about over-bringing things is that they can be a hassle to carry around. I’ve been going to job interviews of late and have been told to bring all my documents. So many of them and I have to put them in a backpack and lug around.
    Mabel Kwong recently posted…What Does It Mean To Be Australian?

    • Ri says:

      Very trueーover bringing is definitely better than turning up with not enough! 😀 It can be heavy and feel unnecessary when lugging them around, but it’s also kind of comforting knowing you have it all ready, just in case. ^^

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