The Weekly Bulletin: Week 3, 2015

*Knock knock* Hey there, remember me!? Long time no see! I kind of fell off the internet there for a while, which was stressful at first (I wanted to post but couldn’t) and then quite relaxing once I got settled into the holiday spirit of eating too much and watching far too many reruns of QI and Blackadder. Mmm, nothing says “it’s the holidays!” like excess. I’m easing back into blogging with a weekly bulletin post, so forgive me if some of the later ones seems a bit out of order.


Giant deco clock at the newly inaugurated Moshi Moshi Box in Harajuku



  • One of my very good friends Stephanie has started her own blog called Tokyo Sento! (A sento is a public bath houseーsimilar to onsen in some ways, but different in others. Post on that coming soon!) She is so incredibly knowledgable about Japanese public baths, so if you’re ever curious to try one out, Tokyo Sento is the place to check it out! You can also follow her sento adventures on Instagram, where she posts reviews on different sento with the hashtag #dokodemosento!
  • This article on cross-cultural experiences is such a fun presentation of things we think is weird in cultures other than our own. There were a lot of “Aha!” moments for me while reading it.
  • Moshi Moshi Boxーthe visitor center in Harajuku opened a little while back, and though I’ve passed it, I’ve not bothered to go in yet. The peeps at Tokyo Fashion did though, and here’s their report.
  • BBC News covered the story of Rita and Masataka Taketsuru, the founders of Nikka Whisky, which the series “Massan” is based on. Go have a peek to see how stylish Rita was! <3 (Unsurprisingly the company is experiencing a serious boom in sales!)
  •  Speaking of fancy fashionsーthis Youtube clip features 100 years’ worth of hair and make up in just one minute. Quite inspiring!

  • I feel like this posts are empty without any music, so I’m going to pop in 「嫌い」/”Kirai” (<-hate, dislike) by The Oral Cigarettes. It’s a surprisingly upbeat song with punchy guitar and bass… considering the title!

  • And last but not least, I came across the blog of a Swedish manga artist in Tokyo the other day! She does four panel comics about life in Japan… in Japanese! I’m doubly impressed! ^^ Anyway, I can relate to her comic about it being cold indoors in Winter here… I haven’t taken to full on drinking quite yet, but I do drink 漢方/kanpou (which I can only translate vaguely to traditional Chinese medicine and that is entirely unhelpful) which has an alcohol percentage of about 14%. It’s for health reasons, I swear.


Our Stuff

  • I spent a great Christmas in France and came back just in time for New Years… Then spend the following 10 days or so jet lagged and feeling pretty miserable, erk! So my plans for 2015 are off to a bit of a slow start, but working on it! Perhaps it’s karma for leaving YJ alone for almost three weeksーhe worked, slept and ate ramen of various kinds for the whole time, poor thing. (Not “poor thing” about the ramen though, there are plenty of other “quick food” alternatives” 😉
  • YJ and I went to see Big Hero 6 (or Baymax as it’s known in Japan) and we both loved it! YJ in particular was charmed by Baymax and his short chubby legs, making him toddle adorably everywhere. (Here’s hoping for a sequel where Baymax just walks around going about his daily businessーYJ would love it!) Anyway, here’s a pic of YJ with the robot. (He’d like everyone to know that he’s imitating Baymax’s stance. I wasn’t allowed to put this on Instagram “because they won’t be able to see it properly”, so there you go.


  • I got a lovely box of sweets and an adorable card from My Hong Kong Husband in the mail, just in time for my birthday! (Oh yeah, there was that too!) I’d share a picture, but I’m too embarrassed to admit how many of the goodies that I’ve already made my way through. Ahem. Anyway, thank you! <3
  • Posting will resume as scheduled over the next couple of weeks, with some changes. Not only was I mostly internetless in France, I experienced problems with hackers trying to get into my account. It’s mostly under control now, but am still sorting it out. So if you see any weird messages, it’s probably me breaking things! ^^;

How were your holidays? Or are you planning to take them soon? 

16 responses to “The Weekly Bulletin: Week 3, 2015”

  1. Glad to hear you are back! Looking forward to more updates from you soon.

    I added the manga artist’s blog to my list, it’s so inspiring to see someone else working on comics and doing well! I hope I can get back to it soon.
    Miyagi Mermaid recently posted…November Wedding

    • Ri says:

      Thank you! Looking forward to it too! 😀

      I love reading comicsーit’s like living vicariously through other artits’ work, because I just doodle, hehe!
      You also do comics? Any links I could check out? I’d love to see your work! ^^

  2. Marta says:

    Welcome back!! I missed you 😀

    I didn’t have holidays… only 3 days from January 1 to 3 🙁 Didn’t do much, spent them in Suzhou.
    Marta recently posted…Online Bureaucracy

  3. Jeanette says:

    I like that clock pic, not sure how accurate I would when telling time but it’s cute. haha
    And now I really want to go watch Big Hero 6. Maybe I’ll wait until it comes out on DVD… I’m such a cheapass.

  4. Glad to see you are back into the ‘blogging swing of things.’ It is good to see you posting again! You were missed! 🙂

    Happy belated birthday!! I hope it was an amazing one! How sweet of Lina to send you chocolates – she is such a great person. Her personality shines through on her blog! 🙂

    I would love to see Big Hero 6!! However, I can’t really judge if YJ looks like him or not with a bear over his face!! However, I suggest he needs a few pillows under that sweater to pull it off! 😉
    Constance – Foreign Sanctuary recently posted…I Just Can’t Get Enough… – [Photographing 2015] My Second Week of 2015 in Photos!

    • Ri says:

      Yay, thank yoooou! <3

      Yes, Lina is a sweetheart! she even drew a cute pic of an angry Biscuit on the card, which was hilarious. XD

      Yeah, I think YJ was just doing some wishful thinking there. He wanted to hug the thing first, but got told off, haha!! XD

  5. Helen says:

    Welcome back! And, *ahem* I can blow through a box of chocolates in minutes, so no worries there. 😉
    Helen recently posted…Photo of the Day: Pretty in Pink

    • Ri says:

      Yay, thank you! I saw you’ve been posting lots recentlyーwill pop up a shoutout in next week’s bulletin. 😀 And I still want to do that post on the inn!
      And yes… sad to say I am 99% responsible for most of the contents going missing. Maybe 100%. Ahem.
      Ri recently posted…Weekly Bulletin: Week 3, 2015

  6. Timo says:

    Good that your are back, wondered already what is going on :p

    10days jet lagged? Wow, so far i yet have to experience a jet lag, somehow I am always fine after sleeping few hours 🙂
    Timo recently posted…Nothing is safe from my Mother-in-law

    • Ri says:

      Yeah, this was a new one for me! It didn’t help that I couldn’t go to sleep directly either because of New Years celebrations. I was fine on the way to France, coming back was bad though, haha!

      Yeah, “I fell off the internet” feels like the best explanation XD It’s good to be back, yaaay!

  7. Mabel Kwong says:

    Glad to see you’re back, Ri! We all need to live a bit before we can come back and tell stories on your blog 😉

    I hope you had a very good time and France, it sounded like you did and I am sure you will tell us more about it in due time. I am sure YJ did eat other things than instant ramen…maybe a bit of takeaway. That is sometimes more delicious than your regular ramen noodles. Think takeaway pizzas and pastas.

    I haven’t seen Big Hero 6 yet but everyone has been saying how good it is, like it’s one of the best Disney movie ever made.

    I spent the festive season not doing very much. I just stayed at home, caught up on reading and cleaning the house. Writing and book planning. Since I’m still out of a job, I think I will continue this life for a bit… 😀

    Happy New Year, Ri. I am sure it will pick up for you soon!
    Mabel Kwong recently posted…Why Some Of Us Sleep Late At Night. And Sleep Few Hours

    • Ri says:

      Yay, thank you! 😀
      Haha, I dunno about livingーI was mostly sitting on the couch eating… but I’m happy to relay all the random facts I learned by watching QI! XD
      Alas, it was most likely 99% ramen as he knows he can’t get away with it most of the time. There may have been some sort of curry in there too, but yeah. >_>

      Yes, if you get the chance to see Big Hero 6, please do! I knew a little bit about the story from reading it online, but YJ was surprised over the depth of it.

      Sounds like you had a fantastic festive season (by my standards, haha!). Happy New Year to you too, looking for a brighter 2015ーfor all of us!

      • Mabel Kwong says:

        I hope you’re all recovered from jet lag now! To be honest, I am not much of a movie person and usually fidget a lot in my seat in a cinema. Hard to sit still, since I am the kind who likes to create 😀 And I prefer books.

        Sitting on the couch eating is a good past time actually. You have time to yourself and when you get bored, you entertain yourself with your own thoughts 😀
        Mabel Kwong recently posted…Why Nicknames Are Funny And Popular. And Offensive

        • Ri says:

          Pretty much recovered, thank you! (Although I did an overnight bus journey the other day, and most likely created a similar body-time mess up, haha! XD

          Yes, agreed. I much prefer booksーyou can put them down when you want, take it with you, etc. 🙂 Are you reading anything in particular now?

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