The Weekly Bulletin: Week 51

Christmas is closing in! Have you done your holiday shopping yet? Am I stressing you out by asking?

 I hope everyone has a wonderful last few weeks of the year—holiday celebrations or not—and that you have a chance to wind down and live it up before we enter 2015. As for me, I’m stuffing my face with good food, dealing with bad internet and a weird keyboard, and harassing the dog excessively. Rinse and repeat for the next couple of weeks. ^^


I’m not sure Santa is quite ready for the season…


  • This will be a pretty Eurocentric version of my normal update as I’m absorbing all the news over here in France. Oh, and then we found this in a high end fashion shop:


  • Because I’m so focused on Japanese music I’ve been lax on checking up on European artists, but I’m doing a bit of a catch up now and I’m pleased with what I’ve found: Tove Styrken who found stardom via the show Idol a couple of years ago is one of my happy finds!Here”s her latest vid, Borderline:

  • And another find that’s not even close to new, but that has been gaining some serious international press lately, is Little Dragon, whose frontwoman Yukimi Nagano was born to an AMWF couple: her father is Japanese and her mother is Swedish-American (just like Yuji and me!). Their music isn’t for everyone, leaning towards trip hop and electronica pop, but I love Yukimi’s voice! Here’s a track from early 2014, “Klapp Klapp”:

On to other things…



Morning walk by the canal.

Our Stuff

  • YJ and I had a wonderful trip to Shirakawago, and stayed in an area a couple of hours away, where it was nice and quiet, and absolutely perfect! A post to come on that trip in the coming weeks.^^
  • YJ is at home in Japan all by himself, but we’ve managed to talk on LINE daily. Apparently it snowed in Tokyo, and I’m not sorry I missed it. (Snow is great in cities that are used to it and can handle it—Tokyo isn’t one of them.) It didn’t stay, but it may later.
  • I’m in Strasbourg in Alsace now, enjoying the Christmas markets and lights. Slightly regretting not bringing the “good” camera, but I couldn’t find my battery charger, so decided against it in the end. Other than that, I’m enjoying the food (of course), as well as the extensive selection of virtually everything at the supermarket and hearing birds twitter. The last one may sound odd, but I only ever seem to hear crows in our end of Tokyo, and they’re not quite as pleasant.Here’s an overview of the Strasbourg Christmas market, which is famous for being the “Capital of Christmas”. The narration is in French, but it’s all about the pretty pictures and the lights, anyway, right? ^^)b

Hope you’re all having a great week—looking forward to getting back into the swing of things again soon!

2 responses to “The Weekly Bulletin: Week 51”

  1. Sounds like you are having wonderful time in France!! Enjoy the rest of your vacation there!! Wishing you the happiest of holidays all the way from Taiwan!

  2. Yocelyn says:

    I’m loving Little Dragon’s sound. Something new to add to my playlist. That dress is a pretty unique piece. I wonder if anyone were to wear it..would it be itchy? @_@ It seems like you’re enjoying your trip so far. 🙂 Looks like Santa already partied too hard.

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