Tokyo Walking 18 東京ウォーキング

Throwback Thursday: While Kawasaki is not strictly Tokyo (it’s in nearby Kanagawa Prefecture), I decided a while back to keep at least the Kanto region posts as Tokyo Walking. Otherwise I‘d eventually have 47 categories (Japan has 47 prefectures in total)! Which, after thinking about it isn’t a bad idea, but since these posts are less about real travel and more like simple daily observations, I feel the labeling everywhere nearby as Tokyo is justified. This was my first visit to Kawasaki and I didn’t leave this particular shopping area as I was there to meet a friend, but it was nice and refreshing to have snazzy, clean-looking modern buildings and open spaces around me. I love the mish mash of architecture in Tokyo, but there’s something to be said for symmetry.

This week’s Tokyo Walking shots are from Kawasaki city.

All were taken on July 12th, 2011.

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No, like for realz, no dogs allowed. Seriously, we mean itーdon’t even try.
And yes, Kawasaki isn’t technically Tokyo (as it’s in neighboring Kanagawa Prefecture), but I’m not changing the series title! ^^;
犬は本当に禁止だね (笑)
川崎は東京ではなくよく知ってるけど、タイタル変わりたくないだけ〜!(笑) ^^;

6 responses to “Tokyo Walking 18 東京ウォーキング”

  1. Timo says:

    That area somehow looks creepy to me. Too clear lines too sterile or something like that, I cant really explain.

    Somehow I have the feeling I will get nightmare from that, could be because it would fit perfectly into a apocalypse movie theme like in walking dead!

  2. Mabel Kwong says:

    Those buildings are certainly clean and modern-looking. Look at all the lines and symmetry. Some might say that modern places are emotionless and “anal”, but I really beg to differ – they have a different kind of charm that signals progress and who knows what kinds of inventions you will see in the next few years?

    I love that shot of the roads and the sky. The clouds look spectacular (I love cloud cover… 🙂 )

    No dogs in the park?

    • Ri says:

      I agree! Though I tend to prefer traditional structures in general, I love a good “clean” look as well.
      No dogs in a most places, but in this case just in the open area of the shopping center.

  3. Hirare-- says:

    Nice pics! Ha ha ha! I adore the no scottie signs. Poor dogs. That breed is so cute but has to be the sole rep for all.

    • Ri says:

      I know, poor things! I’ve never even seen a Scottie in Japan!
      Maybe they’ll start picketing soon.. *imagines tiny dog walking around with signs on their backs, with the occasional rogue one peeing on a wall*

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