Meat & Mushroom Mixed Rice ひき肉キノコの炊き込みご飯

I think it’s quite clear by now that although I love cooking, I also like taking the easy way out. I like recipes that either have only a few ingredients, or very few steps needed when making it. Today’s recipe is no exception! Rice cookers in Japan are well-known for being funky, high-tech machines: you can set the timer to cook rice when you want to, you can even bake bread in the fancier ones! However, one of the best things is that you can cook rice mixed with other ingredients to make mixed rice. Healthier than fried rice, and a lot less effort. Win! Today’s recipe is a nice autumn/winter warmer that both YJ and I likeーYJ didn’t even comment on the fact that there are carrots in it! (He usually makes a big fuss… ^^;)

mixed rice with meat and mushrooms

Meat and Mushroom Mixed Rice



Serves 2 people (side dish, with room for leftovers)


  • Rice (2 rice cooker cups, roughly 360ml)
  • Ground meat* (100-150g)
  • Maitake mushrooms (1 pack)
  • Enoki mushrooms (1/2 pack)
  • Carrot (1/2)
  • Burdock root (20 cm long piece ~50g) *optional
  • Aburaage tofu (1 slice) *optional
  • Sesame oil (as needed)
  • Ginger (1 tablespoon)
  • ☆ Soy sauce (3 tablespoons)
  • Mirin (2 tablespoons)
  • ☆ Cooking sake (1 tablespoon)
  • Dashi stock (as needed)**
  • Sesame seeds (as much as you like when servingーrecommended: 1 tablespoon)

*I used pork/beef mix, but you could easily use ground chicken if you preferーor even beef, pork or chicken pieces, doesn’t have to be minced/ground. For vegetarians, Quorn should also work well!

**If you don’t have dashi stock, feel free to use chicken or beef stock instead. As for the amount, I usually use about a tablespoon or two.

二人前 (おかず)


  • 米 (2合)
  • ひき肉* (100-150g)
  • 舞茸 (1 パック)
  • エノキ (1/2 パック)
  • 人参 (1/2本)
  • ごぼう (20センチ ~50g)
  • 油揚げ (1 枚)
  •  ごま油 (適量)
  • しょうが (1 かけ)
  • ☆醤油 (3 大さじ)
  • ☆みりん (2 大さじ)
  • ☆ 酒 (1 大さじ)
  • ☆ だしの味 (適量)**

*今回、牛豚ひき肉を使ったが、鳥ひき肉でも美味しいよ! そして、ひき肉じゃなくて、普通の豚肉や鶏肉などでも良いよ!



  1. Rinse the rice as needed and pop it into the rice cooker bowl.
  2. Cut the carrot into thick slices. Cut the mushrooms and the aburaage (if using) into bitesize pieces. Slice the burdock root thinly. Chop the ginger finely, or grate it if you prefer. Put aside.
  3. Mix the ☆ ingredients together and put aside.
  4. Add sesame oil and ginger to a moderately heated frying pan and add the carrot, burdock root (if using) and ground meat to the pan. Let the meat get a bit of color, but don’t worry about cooking it throughーit will have plenty of time to cook properly in the rice cooker.
  5. Add the aburaage and mushrooms (leave the maitake until last) along with the ☆ mixture. Mix thoroughly and turn off the heat.
  6. Transfer only the soup part from the frying pan to the rice cooker bowl.
  7. Mix in the remaining water needed for the amount of rice you’re using, but make sure it’s just a little bit under the “full” amount.
  8. Put the remaining ingredients in the rice cooker bowl and turn on (if you have a special “mixed rice” setting, use that)!
  9. Once the rice cooker is done, just mix it together evenly, and you’d done! (Garnish with sesame seeds just before serving)


  1. お米を洗って、炊飯器に入れる。
  2. 人参を太め千切り、油揚げとキノコを一口サイズに切る。しょうがは細かくに切るまたはおろす。
  3. ☆の材料を混ぜて、おく。
  4. ごま油としょうがを暖かいフライパンに入れて、人参とごぼうとお肉を入れて、少し炒める。
  5. 油揚とキノコを入り(舞茸を最後にしよう!)、☆のミックスも入れ煮ていく。
  6. 煮汁だけを先に炊飯器に入れる。
  7. は2合よりも気持ち少なめまで入れる。水分と米と汁を混ぜる。
  8. 具材を入れて炊込みモードでスイッチオン!^^
  9. 炊飯器はチンをしたら、混ぜて、出来上がり!
mixed rice with mushrooms

What it looks like after it’s done, before mixing :D. (Ignore the coffee grounds I spilled there on the side…) 出来た〜!

Serving Suggestions

We actually often eat this as a light dinner on its own, but otherwise I would recommend serving it with any veggie-heavy dish, for a good balance. Also, this recipe is really flexible when it comes to the ingredients: I’ve tried different kinds of mushrooms and root vegetables, and they’ve all been great! I’ve also been very liberal with cayenne pepper and other spices, depending on the mood. This recipe is a good starting point to more exciting versions!



3 responses to “Meat & Mushroom Mixed Rice ひき肉キノコの炊き込みご飯”

  1. Hirare-- says:

    This looks tasty! And easy. I ♥ easy. I hopefully will remember to try this. I also like how you do your recipes. They include info that I forget but might be useful.

  2. Marta says:

    I should try this some time 😀 I haven’t really done anything on my new rice cooker… Sadly my cooking efforts will be limited to the weekends now that I’m working!

  3. That looks real healthy and I just love how you use the rice cooker/steamer to cook everything!!

    My husband recently discovered a video on youtube of how to cook wings using the rice cooker. We cooked buffalo wings a couple of days ago and they were amazing!! I didn’t realize that you can use it to cook so many things besides rice!

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