Mi Choripan ミ・チョリパン

mi choripan

YJ can take all the credit for this lovely find! Normally I’m the cafe/restaurant scout, but he had spotted this colorful choripan shop on his daily commute, and was keen on checking it out. So we did!


We found authentic Argentinian soul food, choripánーa sandwich with chorizo sausage (usually split in half), and lots of toppings as well as a sauce, usually chimichurri (made with parsley, minced garlic, olive oil, oregano, and white or red wine vinegar). The name is as simple as it may seem, “chori” comes from chorizo, and “pan” means bread. (Incidentally, “pan” is the same word Japanese people use for bread, so they’ll be able to know what this exotic food is rather intuitively.) As a self-professed food nerd, I’ve tried a lot of different foodsーor have been aware of many of them at leastーbut this was a new one for me!

チョリパンというは、アルゼンチンのソールフードだ。パンにのせたチョリソーソーセージーと野菜とチミチュリという特徴なソースだ。チョリパンは「チョリソー」を短くして、「パン」を付けた言葉です。分かりやすいね〜!*^^* 私はこのお店に行った時初めて分かったのよ!

The shop has a really colorful and bright exterior that just beckons you in. Inside, it has an easy and casual atmosphere with more color, and vintage posters from Argentina adorning the walls.


写真 1 (26)


Mi Choripan opened in January 2013, and is run by a Japanese gentleman (pictured below) who spent some time in Argentina to learn the art of sausage making from the pros. And may I say, it was time well spent!


ミ・チョリパンの店長さんはチョリソーを作る学ぶため、アルゼンチンまで行ってきた!そして、2013年1月にこの店をオープンした。写真 3 (19)


YJ and I opted for a mini choripan (¥550) each, since we had eaten not long before, and it turned out to be the perfect choice! Even though they’re small, they’re quite filling.


写真 2 (20)

The chimichurri sauce is that red thing on the bun with the mustard (?) on top. It was delicious! Tangy and spicyーa good match for the hearty chorizo and fresh veg. The yogurt sauce gave a nice lift so the other flavors didn’t feel too heavy. Overall, it was great! The only thing I didn’t like was reading the signs and *having* to read the Japanese version, because the roman characters were, of course, all in Spanish! I did learn that lechuga means lettuce though, bonus! I wonder if I’ll ever need to use it…

先のチミチュリのソースは赤いのものです。ほんまに美味しかったー!酸っぱ辛くて、ヘビーのチョリソーと野菜に良いバランス!そしてヨーグルトのソースもさっぱりな感じした。美味しかった!でも、久しぶりローマ字を読めなくて、ちょっと悔しかった!スペイン語が分からないので。。。しかし、「lechuga」はレタスを学んだので、勉強になった! ^^)b どこかで使えるかな? (笑)

We’ll definitely go back at some pointーI want to try the salsa choripan next time!

絶対また食べに行く! サルサチョリパン食べてみたいから!

This is definitely one of the best “new” finds YJ and I have come across in a long time. Although we’ve found a lot of nice places with good food, Mi Choripan’s charm is that it’s great place to just hang, talk and have a bite to eat. And maybe learn some Spanish while you’re there! ^^




Official Mi Choripan website/ ミ・チョリパンオフィシャルウェブページ

Tabelog page /食べログ

Address/住所: 2-4-8 Uehara, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo / 東京都渋谷区上原2-4-8

Nearest station/一番近い駅: Yoyogi Uehara / 代々木上原駅

7 responses to “Mi Choripan ミ・チョリパン”

  1. Steph says:

    I really love Yoyogi-uehara and this place sounds great!! I will check it soon!!!
    Thank you for the information and in exchange, this is a nice place I really love in Hatagaya, if you have the occasion please try it! http://cafe-dubois.com/

  2. Marta says:

    This looks great! I’m getting hungry, hahaha.
    I love the word choripan, it sounds so funny 😀

  3. Yocelyn says:

    I have never had a choripan before. It looks delicious! The restaurant has character. It’s cool that he incorporated Latin culture into the building with the bright colors and furnishings. I say thumbs up! :3

    • Ri says:

      The choripan was preeeeetty good! 😀
      Yes, I loved the color and vintage feel of the placeーeven more so because the rest of the street is grey, grey, grey. ^^)b
      (Still hunting for tortas – no luck so far.)

      • Yocelyn says:

        I believe in you! Tortas will probably appear out of nowhere one day when you’re not looking. The place is so cute and colorful. It must brighten up the streets then if they’re so grey. The place still looks pretty legit to me. Like something I would find back home. :3

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