Conversations with YJ: Granddad おじいさんと話したら・・・

Conversations with YJ

YJ’s family isn’t your stereotypical, traditional Japanese family. They aren’t that “out there” either, but manage to strike a balance between “weirder than most” and “not as weird as what blogger Crazy Chinese Family has to deal with“. I love them dearly, but they surprise me, often. Most of all though, I like YJ’s granddad. He’s a very sweet, unassuming gentleman, who grew up witnessing American soldiers help rebuild Tokyo (he was about 13 when the war ended) and since then loved everything about the USAーeven though he’s never been there. He almost reminds me of the uncle in the TV series Welcome to Sweden in that respect.

夫の家族は日本の典型的な家族ではない。おかしいと言えないけど、普通の家族よりちょっと変わっているかな?一番面白いのはYJのおじいさん。優しいジェントルマンで、昔からアメリカが好きそうだ。ちょっとアメリカ好きのところに「Welcome to Sweden」のドラマのおじさんに似てるところがある。。。

Anyway, YJ’s granddad is very sweet and loves to drink, and to talk. He’s not quite as good at listening… ^^;

とにかく、YJのおじいさんは酒を飲んだり、喋ったりするのが好きだけど、他の人の話を聞くのは・・・ ^^;

So even though this is “conversations with YJ”, his granddad’s quips are just too good to miss! Case in point:

YJ and I met up with him in October, a few days before we were going to the ward office to sign our marriage papers. Everyone in YJ’s family knew we had decided a date… Everyone except granddad. Either they had told him and he didn’t register it, or they simply forgot to tell him. Knowing YJ’s family, the latter doesn’t seem unlikely. Then again, neither does the former:

YJ: Granddad, Ri and I are getting married this week!
Granddad: Oh, really? So anyway, as I was saying, Mr. A is coming by later…
YJ: ..Umm. Granddad, so about our marriage…?
Granddad: I’m listening. You’ve been talking about it for a while, right?
YJ: Well, uhhyes… but.
Granddad: So anyway, as I was saying, I have to leave around three pm, because I have another appointment.


YJ: おじいさん、リと僕は今週に入籍する予定です。

おじいさん: そっか。そう言えば、Aさんとこの後に予定あるから…

YJ: えーと。。。入籍の話しなんだけど・・・?



おじいさん: で、三時ぐらいに行かないといけないからね、他の予定あるから。

couple latte YJ and I

Later on, as we were having coffee:

YJ: Oh, by the way, it’s my birthday today!
Granddad: I see.
YJ: …..
Granddad: Well, congratulations. I don’t have anything for you though, I didn’t know.
YJ: Thanks… I wasn’t expecting anything, just letting you know!
(At this point I was almost in tears trying to repress my laughter. Incidentally, granddad looks like a giant teddy bear.)




YJ: ……



(こんな不思議な会話だから、リは笑いを我慢してた! ちなみにおじいさんは、クマのぬいぐるみみたいです^^)


YJ’s granddad is hilariousーsometimes intentionally, sometimes not. He’s a very sweet old man though, and he and YJ are very close. Here’s hoping he’ll be around for a long time to contribute some more funny episodes. (I actually have one on the back burnerーrelated to a memorial ceremony we attended… ^^;)


Do you have any quirky extended family members or in-laws? What are they like?

8 responses to “Conversations with YJ: Granddad おじいさんと話したら・・・”

  1. This was fun to read! I love an elder with character.

  2. Marta says:

    Haha, grandparents are the best thing in the world. I miss mine as they all passed away years ago! Now I just have my bf’s paternal grandma. She is a sweet and funny lady but she only speaks Suzhou dialect! So our communication is kind of difficult, haha. But she laughs all the time and I love her!

    • Ri says:

      They are! Same for meーmy grandparents also passed away quite a few years ago. So it’s nice to have that kind of connection again. 🙂
      Awww, it’s amazing how much you can communicate with just a warm smile and some laughter! ^^

  3. lol – It sounds like YJ’s grandfather is the real character. Telling him you were getting married was like telling him that it is sunny with his answered ‘Yes, I know!’

    Reading your post reminded me of Grandmother on my wedding day. She told the wedding photographer to get her ‘good side’ and make her look pretty. I said jokingly ‘Nan, I am the one who is suppose to be in the spotlight.’ And she said ‘Constance, you are 60 years younger than me. When I was your age, every side was a good side.’ Photos and memories that I will forever treasure.

    • Ri says:

      Haha, your grandmother’s comment made me almost spit out my coffee! How wonderful! How *sassy*! ^^ (Did the photographer indeed get her good side? 🙂 )
      Yes, YJ’s granddad is great. He and I once sat waiting for YJ and his mother to arrive at a restaurant and bullied me into getting a beer (translation: he didn’t even wait for my answer when asking if I wanted one), which was just too funny. 🙂

      • Yes, she was the coolest grandmother ever. I laughed at her so many times when she told us about the police stopping her for speeding (which usually happened once a month). She was in her early 70’s then and you can imagine the surprise on the police officer’s face when he saw her. She never, ever got a ticket.

        And YJ’s grandfather sounds like my grandfather. Whenever we visited them, we usually walked from my parent’s house. And my grandfather kept giving my husband beer after beer. And he would always say ‘Another one will never hurt you.’ 🙂

        • Ri says:

          Hahaha, wow! A speedy granny, no less! I’m sure she charmed her way out of those tickets as she seemed quite the character. 🙂

          Your grandfather does sound similar! I wonder what would happen if they ever metーthere would probably be a *lot* of drinking. XD

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