Tenmaya Curry Bread 天馬屋カレーパン

YJ volunteered to write something about our trip to Tenmaya Curry the other dayーand I wasn’t about to stop him! It opened in Novemeber last year and we’d been meaning to go for a whileーor at least buy some curry bread from the counter outside, but we were always either on our way to another restaurant, not in the moodーor worse, they had already sold out of bread! We finally got a chance to check it out, and here’s YJ’s take on it. –Ri

tenmaya curry shop 天馬屋カレーパン

It’s gotten cold, hasn’t it? How are you? YJ here! ^^

Work has been busy, so I’ve been a bit quiet.


tenmaya curry shop 天馬屋 キーマカレーパン

The other day, even though the weather wasn’t so good, Ri and I went on an outing for the first time in ages!  Today, I’d like to introduce a regular appearing curry bread place in Shimokitazawa. (Actually, we had planned to go to a different curry place on this day, but it was being renovated and was closed! So we changed our plans. ^^


tenmaya curry bread shop 天馬屋カレーパン

To those of you who ask “Curry bread!?”, this is not your average convenience store regular. (Although convenience store curry bread is good too, haha!) Tenmaya’s curry bread isn’t your average curry pan. In what way is it not average? Well, the moment you bite into the bread, the crisp crunching sound fills your ears. Then, suddenly its springy texture envelopes your tongue. After that, the satisfying, rich curry filling brings forth images of a high class meal at a dining tableーnot just a piece of bread in your hand.


That’s right, Tenmaya’s curry bread isn’t your average curry bread. For those of you who visit Shimokitazawa, please be assured it’s great.


If you’re in the areaーwhether you love curry or you’re not too keen on itーgive it a try!


The flavors we tried:


tenmaya curry shop 天馬屋カレーパン

Spicy Keema Curry Bread: Cayenne powder on top. Hothothot!

tenmaya curry shop 天馬屋カレーパン

The inside: looks pretty standard, but tasted amazing!

tenmaya curry shop 天馬屋カレーパン

Beef Curry with soft-boiled egg: funky shape. Sorry about the blurーand the callus. ^^;

tenmaya curry shop 天馬屋カレーパン

And we have an egg! Hiding inside the curry goodness.

And that’s a wrap! Or, bread roll, rather.

 Have you ever tried curry bread? Any other places to recommend?


Details / 詳しくは:

Tenmaya Tabelog Page/天馬屋食べログ

Address住所: 1F Souden Bldg., 2-12-12 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo / 東京都世田谷区北沢2-12-12 桑田ビル 1F

Nearest station一番近い駅: Shimokitazawa / 下北沢

12 responses to “Tenmaya Curry Bread 天馬屋カレーパン”

  1. Great review, YJ!! It is so cool that you wrote the review in two languages. That’s awesome!

    I have never tried curry bread before but the combination of bread and curry sounds quite appetizing. I have eaten ‘coffin bread’ before in Taiwan and there are various fillings to choose from (pepper beef, cream chicken, and I believe they have a curry option as well.) A thick piece of bread is deep fried, the bread is ‘hollowed out’ without cutting the crust and the filling is added to the center, and the cut portion is placed back on top of the filling. (Hopefully you could follow that.)

    • Ri says:

      Thank yooou! I want the whole blog to be bilingual, but at the moment I’m being a lazy pants, so most things that I write alone are English-only. T-T
      And since YJ is as lazy as I am, he did the Japanese writing, but I translated for him, haha! The perfect lazy team. 😀
      That coffin bread sounds yummy! And sounds more versatile than just curry bread. Mmm, hungry now. ^^;

      • Yes, the coffin bread is indeed delicious – that is, once I stop thinking about the name.

        My husband is the opposite – he works hard at writing his posts and the only thing I do is maybe change a verb tense or two. He has been working on another post for the past week which will be posted tomorrow. And I love how he refers to Foreign Sanctuary as ‘our blog’ now! 🙂

  2. Mabel Kwong says:

    Hi YJ and Ri! I’ve never tried curry bread in my life. I’ve had curry puffs though, yummy! As I mentioned on one of Ri’s previous posts, in Australia we have this bakery franchise called Breadtop that’s run by Asians. I have went in many times to see the bread-pastries sold here. They have “curry bread”…sad thing is that it’s has a crunchy, spicy flavouring on the outside but on the inside it’s mainly bread! 😀 What a let down!

    The curry bread that you have there looks very delicious. I hope it wasn’t too spicy 🙂

    • Ri says:

      Aww, no proper curry on the inside? You’ll have to come here to try something more filling! 😀
      The curry itself was the right level, the powder on top gave me a bit of a shock though! (<-Ri) YJ had no problems whatsoever and basically inhaled them both. XD

  3. Timo says:

    Thank you so much, now I am very very hungry and that makes me very very grumpy because I cant eat the curry bread right now and to make it even worse I wont be able to eat it for a looong looong time!

    • Ri says:

      Sorry! ^^; Something to look forward to (along with the Magic Spice soup curry, which is nearby!) once a Japan visit is on the horizon? 😀
      Or maybe I should look up a recipe and see if it’s possible to make a yummy one at home… 😀

      • Timo says:

        We had actually planned to fly to Japan this August but in the end it didn’t work out so we took a one week vacation on Rhodes.
        We wish/hope for a trip to Japan perhaps next year or the year after as my wife little sister (actually her cousin) is living and studying already for several years in Tokyo.
        By now we have so many countries on our to-do list that it is already scary just to start thinking which places we should visit first :p

        • Ri says:

          Oh wow, how was Rhodes? 😀
          Ugh, tell me about it! I have a huge list of domestic Japan must-sees and I feel like I’m not getting through those at all. Nevermind going abroad for all the other places I want to visit! :/ That’s good that you have relatives in Tokyo though, it makes it (in theory at least) easier to visit. 🙂

  4. Marta says:

    I didn’t know curry bread existed! I have never seen it or heard about it! But let me think… I love bread… I love curry… I need to try it!!

    • Ri says:

      If (when!) you come to Japan, you should definitely check it out! 😀 <-YJ It's definitely the best curry bread I've ever had, so I can definitely recommend this place when you come. <-Ri

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