The Weekly Bulletin: Week 45

Halloween is over, and Christmas has begun! At least, if the shop fronts are to be believed. Just kidding. Christmas decorations and have been up long since before HalloweenーI even spotted this Xmassy drink vending machine back in September:

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  • Tokyo Fashion popped up a video of Tokyo’s Halloween antics from the weekendーpeople are really getting into the spirit of it! Keep an eye out for the lady dressed as saran wrapped meat. I’m not kidding. She was all in red, in a white plastic container, labelled and everything.  ^^;

  • Unfortunately, while Halloween revelers had their fun on Friday night, Shibuya didn’t look so great the next morning. Tokyo is usually an immaculate, clean cityーbut only thanks to the people who help keep it so. (Text is in Japanese, but you should be able to get the gist from the pictures.)
  • A while back, I posted “5 Things (Some) Japanese People Find Weird About Swedish Food Customs” (actually, I suspect it’s not just Japanese people finding them weird, but anyway…) and I found another video that demonstrates exactly how putrid surströmming is alleged to be. It’s from QI (one of my favorite shows!) and Stephen Fry explains how it’s made and how gross it actually is. And if you can’t believe Stephen Fry… who can you believe?:

  • OK GO’s latest video has been making the rounds, and as amazing as this one-take music video (filmed in Japan, featuring Japanese school girl dancers and a cameo by Perfume) is, I can’t help but feel I’ve been tricked into watching yet another OK GO video, argh! >_> It’s not that I hate them, but I’m not a huge fan either:


Our Stuff

  • Here’s my new favorite dog of the week: an adorable Shiba Inu that just can’t get a break. He tries to guess which hand holds the treat he wants, but he’s not very good at it. You can’t help but cheer him on, though!:

  • YJ caught the bloggin‘ fever and helped me with two posts last week: the one about the AMWF drama “Massan”, as well as a review of the ramen restaurant Menya Itto. Since then he’s even offered to write two moreーa review of a Japanese movie he really liked and wants to share, and another one telling everyone how much I bully and tease him. Hmm.. we‘ll see if I let him do the latter. ^-~)b (In my defense, I think it’s usually deserved. ^^)
  • I’ve started watching a new drama, Nobunaga Concerto, as I study. It’s a historicalishdrama, about a high school guy who gets transported back into Japan’s Sengoku (warring states) period and ends up taking the place of a soon-to-be-famous samurai daimyo, Nobunaga Oda. I’ve not told YJ yet, even though it has one of our favorite actors in it (Takayuki Yamada), because he’s busy with work and won’t have time to watch it. I can happily watch again, as it’s good listening practice…. Wait, is this the bullying he mentioned? Whoops! If you’re curious, you can check it out with English subs, here.
  • Annnd that’s about it, apart from the fact that it’s already November, and I have less than a month left to study for the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) N1 level…. Blerk. Wish my luck with studying… ^^;

9 responses to “The Weekly Bulletin: Week 45”

  1. A woman dressed as wrapped meat!! – Very strange but very original. I had a roommate in university who spent over a month making a beer bottle as a costume and she won first prize in the costume contest! It was so cool!

  2. Marta says:

    I have never listened to OK Go but their videos are always cool, haha.

    Good luck with your exam! Is it the highest level? I am thinking about doing the official Chinese exam and trying to get the highest level but it is going to be hard, considering I haven’t touched a book in more than four years… Hahaha.

    • Yeah, they’re pretty neat!

      Yeah, it’s the highest. I took the next highest about 2-3 years ago, but urggghh. There’s a huge difference between levels N2 and N1… and I too have been slacking off on the book studies. T-T

  3. Linda Dunsmore says:

    aww thanks for mentioning me 🙂

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