The Weekly Bulletin: Week 43

This year seems to be passing by far too fast. Perhaps it’s proof that I’m getting older (who am I kiddingーwe’re all getting older!), but I feel there’s not enough time to do all the things I want to. Maybe it’s a sign of maturity that I don’t wander around the house saying “I’m booooooored” like when I was younger. Or maybe time is simply moving too fast. Regardless, it’s already almost the end of October! Only 2 months and a bit left of this year!



Ritsuko Shirahama can’t be labeled “new”, but I absolutely adore the construction of her designs:

  • On Sunday last week, YJ and I watched a documentary on NHK called “Tokyo Phoenix”, a history of Tokyo over the past 100 or so years using old footage that has been colorized. It was really interesting to see how the city was burned to the ground twice (during the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 and again during the fire bombings of World War II) but rebuilt itself again. I found it completely fascinating, and may even watch the repeat of it tonight at 00:40am! There were a lot of things that I didn’t know, or didn’t know in much detail. For example, during the student riots in the 1960s, the violence peaked in January of 1969 and the prestigious Tokyo University was literally under fire from police. While I knew about the demonstrations, I didn’t realize they were so violentーor really what they were about. Needless to say, old footage of Tokyo and Japan is now “my boom” (Japanese-English for “my new obsession”) and I’ve been trawling the internet for more goodies. Here’s a short, black and white video of the Marunouchi area, which is not as impactful as the Tokyo Phoenix show, but still quite interesting:

Our Stuff

  • Well, not really our stuffーat least not yetーbut a friend of mine linked to an interesting article “10 Things Not to Say to Parents of Multilingual Children“… and perhaps I live a sheltered life, but I have never encountered someone arguing against multilingualismーat least not the theory of it. Many people may not have the opportunity, drive or resources to learn a second language when they’re young, but saying it’s not a good thing? Wow. It brings up some interesting points, such as the One Parent One Language method (where each parent speaks to the child solely in his/her native language). I can already see this will never work for YJ and me. Ideally, when/if we ever have kids, being trilingual will be the absolute minimum: Swedish, English and Japanese. If we can figure out a way of squeezing in another one at some point (I’m thinking French would be useful), then we’ll work on that. We have some time to figure that out later. What do you think about raising multilingual children?
  • And on another note (I swear this isn’t baby feverーbut once I get on a topic I end up delving deeply into it), The Japan Times had an interesting article about bicultural and multicultural families in Japan, and how it affected the naming of their kids.
  • We finally decided on a date and location for our (unbelievably short) honeymoon, which I’ll be writing about at another time, since we haven’t booked it yet and it may change! Don’t want to jinx it! It’s in Japan, and it’s a place I mentioned I wanted to visit the very first time YJ and I met. Bonus points to him for remembering! ^^
  • And last but not least, a random photo of a car whose owner is most likely a massive Vocaloid fan. This one depicts Aine Meri:

写真 (10)

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