The Weekly Bulletin: Week 42

So much going on, so many typhoons! We’ve had two typhoons in two weeks in Japan, on top of the Mt. Ontake eruptions, not to mention more Fukushima scares. Tokyo hasn’t been hit too hard, as the storms tend to calm down by the time they hit the capital, but Okinawa and Kyushu have been hit hard both times, and there have been landslides reported in several areas across the country. I hope this isn’t a preview of what’s to come this winter. Last year there was very heavy snowfall and a number of storms up north. For some reason, though Japan is a relatively peaceful country, its geography is pretty violent. (Or is it peaceful because of it?)

Regardless, onwards with the news!

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  • Last weekend was the Asagiri Jam music festival (“sister” festival of Fuji Rock) near Mt. Fuji and I was lucky enough to write reviews of some shows, which will be up at Smashing Mag later in the week. Asagiri (which means “morning fog/mist”) has a completely different vibe from Fuji Rockーit’s much more relaxed and family-friendly. There are only two stages and the main attraction seems to be the events around the stages. I wrote a little bit about it in this year’s Asagiri Jam Intro post, and I’m going to try to make my very first infographic detailing my observations from the second year at this particular fes. Keep an eye out for that! Until then, for tidbits and photos from the weekend, check out my Instagram feed!
  • For a preview of one of my favorite acts from the weekend, here’s a sweet track from Asakusa Jinta, some pretty crazy dudes armed with brass instruments, a cello, and some pretty smart suits:

Our Stuff

  • YJ and I got married! On paper! Mostly! It came to a surprise to quite a few people on Facebook it seems, since we didn’t really make a big fanfare about it, and didn’t really have a traditional engagement either. But we did the paperwork and… andwe’re almost kind of, maybe 95% married! Why the “maybe/kinda/hmm”? Well, as I expected, the Japanese system doesn’t really deal with dual citizenship well. There’s not a problem per se, but they need to confirm a few details before it’s completely confirmed and we can get the papers in our hands. The registration date will remain the same, we just have to wait for some hob knob to give the “okay” and we’re good to go. However… That may take up to a month!! Will have to include a post about how to deal with dual citizenship issues in Japan at a later date… >_> But yay, married! We’ve started to talk a bit about wedding plans, but the ceremony probably won’t be until the middle of next year. (Phew, more time to procrastinate plan!) (No photos because of the awkward atmosphere when we couldn’t get our papers, haha!!)
  • YJ and I finally saw Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno last week and we were both kind of nonplussed about it. I liked the costumes and the setting, and some of the fight scenes. But there was a lot of grunting and growling and excessively long fight scenes that I felt were unnecessary. I haven’t read the manga or watched the anime so I also felt a bit lost in terms of the plot as well… YJ has read/seen both, but was still cool about the film’s content. To be honest, my favorite character was former Shinsengumi member Saito Hajime (played by the hottie Yosuke Eguchi, rowrrrr!) who had a very minor part in the film, only at the end. YJ thought he was the best as well, but for different reasons, haha! I think it’s well worth seeing on the big screen if you’re going to see it at allーthe fight scenes are pretty spiffy, after all. (And Saito eye candy. ^^)b Sure, sure Rurouni Kenshin isn’t bad either… But Saito. Seriously yum!)

  • Oh! It was also YJ’s birthday last week, and I still consider it one of my great accomplishments in life that I managed to negotiate our marriage registration date to be a different day other than his birthday. It still boggles my mind that he wanted it on the same day. Here’s a sneak peek at his presents: Two LINE character accessories! (I wanted to get him a big bear, or one of the pass case ones, but they were sold out. Brown is too popular!!)

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  • That’s… pretty much it, so I’ll just finish off with the manicure I got ahead of our nuptials!

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How was your week? Any plans for the weekend?

8 responses to “The Weekly Bulletin: Week 42”

  1. Tack så mycket! Thank you! ^^
    I’m sorry to hear the marriage didn’t work out, but I’m glad you liked Sweden! (Actually, that’s a complaint I hear from a lot of expats in Swedenーthey love the country, the people…”mehh”. Something to work on I suppose. ^^;)

  2. Marta says:

    Hehe, congrats again! that manicure is a nice touch 😀

  3. David from Oregon says:

    Grattis!! Hoppas det går bra åt dig!! A long, long time ago, in another life, I married a Swedish girl in Stockholm in Spånga kyrka. It was a big, big mistake. Sweden was great – the marriage not so much. Good Luck!!

  4. What? You got married? Congrats!! Congrats!! Congrats!! What an amazing week it was for you and your husband. And you are not alone – our marriage at the court was the biggest joke and the funniest thing I had ever experienced in my life. I was so glad that we had a church wedding in Canada so we could actually make up for the insane court ceremony in Taiwan. But it makes for one great story!!

    • Thank you!!! Yes, it ended up being a bit of an anti-climax, but I’m hoping the ceremony next year will “fix” the current weirdness. ^^; So curious about your marriage court experience nowーdealing with bureaucracy is certainly always an adventure!

      • It had absolutely nothing to do with the bureaucracy (although I could have done without all the paperwork and going here and there and everywhere), it had to do with the ceremony. I will share the story with you some day, I promise!! 🙂 I hope married life is treating you well!! I know the weirdest part of marriage for me was referring to and introducing my man as my ‘husband’ – I kept calling him my boyfriend for the longest time because I would forget. 🙂

        • Hmmm… definitely intrigued! I wait with baited breath. ^^)
          Married life is fine so farーprett much the same as non-married life plus congratulatory comments. I definitely understand the weirdness about changing from boyfriend to husband. The transition doesn’t feel as difficult in Japanese for some reason, but I started blushing every time I called him my husband (in English) during the weekend!

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