Conversations with YJ: Yamapi Envy / YJはヤマピに焼きもち??

On Sunday nights there’s a show called “Otona no Kiss: Eigo” (Adult Kiss: English) on Fuji TV, starring J-pop star and actor Yamapi (full name . It’s on really late, starting at 00:40 on Monday morning. YJ and I had never seen it until last week, since we normally have early starts on Mondays. (I go to bed at 10pm if I canーreal adult here!) Despite the sketchy title, it’s actually quite a cute, surprisingly low key variety show. Yamapi hosts international and Japanese guests and there’s (some) English spoken. They plays games like hangman which is fun, but there’s one part which is absolutely our favorite. Yamapi is given a collection of Japanese words that together, makes no sense. However, when you read it out loud, you can make it sound like an English word or phrase. This was so much fun!


Some of them are pretty far fetched, but they’re pretty amusing! I only managed to catch one on screen since I was too busy trying to guess what the English was:

おもしろ過ぎて写真を撮るのを忘れた。 ^^; 一枚しかないです。。。

The one photo I managed to take

The one photo I managed to take


Japanese text given to Yamapi: 逸話、滑り・・・不安に・・・

Transliteration: itsuwa suberi fuan-ni

“Translation” into English: It was very funny!


英語にすると:It was very funny! すごい面白かった!


YJ and I both loved this, and found it pretty entertaining. However… YJ had some problems with the show:

YJ: Wait. What. Yamapi can speak English?

Me: Looks like it… His pronunciation isn’t half bad, either.

YJ: No. NO. It’s not fair! Is he better than me!? He can’t be better than me! Why is he better than me!?

Me: I dunno, because he has millions of international fans? There’s a clear advantage to him learning English well. Plus he’s off to interview Angelina Jolie in this segment. Speaking English is a clear advantage.

YJ: BUT HE’S BETTER THAN MEEEE? *runs off to get his Eiken (English language exam) textbooks*

Me: Okay, I’ll just keep watching on my own then.

YJ *runs back*







YJ:俺よりうまいよ?? *英語の教科書を取りに逃げてしまう*




YJ’s bento bag bear. In lieu of a photo of the man himself. YJの弁当袋似ついているクマさん!

You’d think that would be enough silliness from the one show, but you’d be wrong.

YJ: We should go on that show!!

Me: You won’t even let me take proper photos of you, and now you want to be on TV?

YJ: If it’s with you, it’s okay!!

Me: Sure! But they’re only looking for English-speaking families so Yamapi can babysit their kids. (<-True story.)

YJ: Ohh, well. If they ever need couples. Or, actually, never mind, you can go on your own.

Me: You changed your tune quickly. Would you really be okay with that?

YJ: Yes, I’ll just watch!

Me: So it’s okay if Yamapi kisses me? (One of the segments on the show is Yamapi showing how to approach a girl in English, and then kissing her…)

YJ: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *runs away again*





YJ: リと一緒なら大丈夫!




YJ: うん、見るだけで十分!




Sample of the kind of photos I’m allowed to show of YJ online, apart from the one above:


Yes, I'm dating the bear from LINE...

Yes, I’m dating the bear from LINE…うん、そうだ。LINEのブラウンと付合っています!


YJ is one of the reasons I enjoy watching Japanese TV. There’s far more going on at home than on screen… ^^; It also makes a nice change from the conversations we have while he’s half-asleep. Those have been cut down lately since he’s using a mouth guard at night to stop (or at least lessen) his teeth grinding.





2 responses to “Conversations with YJ: Yamapi Envy / YJはヤマピに焼きもち??”

  1. stacywahh says:

    Oh my gosh, I watched like 5 or 6 episodes earlier this summer. It was sooo funny! Men can be silly, can’t they? If my husband knows that I want to upload a picture of us, he has to approve it first. So I normally don’t tell him until after it’s up. Haha.

    • Yes, I’m hoping I can find that show online because I keep forgetting what time and day it’s on… ^^; Speaking of Yamapi, YJ saw in the news he’s been arrested for stealing a girl’s cellphone! I’m not into tabloid gossip normally, but that sounds weird to me, so I may follow that story… *more drama*

      Haha, cute! I like your style! Definitely more effective in getting pics up. 😉 I kind of promised myself I would honor his request… until we have wedding photos. Then I’ll sneakily pop one of those up without the silly bear face. 😉

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