Tokyo Walking9東京ウォーキング

When I first came to Tokyo I spent a lot of time in Harajuku. I’m not talking about once a week, but almost every day. At that time I could walk there from my home in about 30-40 minutes. Ahh those blessed days with too much time and not enough money… I loved navigating the smaller streets and alleys as I got used to the area, always discovering some new treasure. I miss having that time to just “be”. Now that I’ve gone fully freelance I know I can create my schedule, but I have yet to find a good balance where I can take time off and really chill. Hopefully soon, now that the days are a little bit cooler.


This week’s Tokyo Walking shots are from in and around Harajuku. 

All were taken on May 1st, 2011.

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I sometimes wish that I had more space to take some of these shots. I’m a bad enough photographer as it is without cramped space making it even harder to aim right. ;P


普通の写真を撮ることは十分難しい~! (T‐T)

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  1. So cool! Is the building with the bow a store? I love how you enjoy roaming around the streets and alleys. It is amazing the little gems you can find when you just get out and out and explore.

    And I love street art and it seems to be popping up everywhere in Taiwan now. And they usually have themes (like cartoon art – http://foreignsanctuary.wordpress.com/2013/08/03/if-those-walls-could-talk-taichungs-rainbow-village/ and 3D cat art – http://foreignsanctuary.wordpress.com/2013/11/24/all-about-cats-art-3d-murals-in-yunlin-taiwan/)
    I love reading your posts! We seem to have the same interests in exploring a new place!!
    Look forward to reading more posts and following you around on your wanderings!

    • Yes! The building with a bow is a shop, but you can also take various craft/sewing/knitting classes there. It’s kind of a weird one since it’s focused on Swedish traditional handwoven/made things (in the heart of Harajuku no less!).

      I love the street art you posted! 😀 And thank you… and ditto! I’m hoping to start up with “new” rounds of the seriesーnow that the latest typhoon is out of the way and my schedule is more flexible, I hope to get out a bit more. (And now I have a better camera and some improved skills, so the quality will be better too XD) Thank you!

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