Conversations with YJ: Acronyms / YJと会話: 接頭語

I’ve covered YJ and my strange half-asleep conversations a few times now, but I like to think that as strange as those are, the “real” conversations we have are sometimes weirder. Every couple has their idiosyncrasies, and that’s what makes it interesting, but sometimes I wonder if ours aren’t just a little bit on the weird side when it comes to normal conversations. We’re both to blame of course, and the title of “the weirdest” tends to go to either one of us, depending on what we’re talking about. ^-^)b

前YJと変な寝言会話はもう何回も話したけど、やっぱり本物の会話の方がおかしいかな〜w どのカップルもは二人でかわっている習慣を持っていると思うけど、たまになんかね、こっちは特にかわっているかなと思っちゃう(笑)

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Lately, I’ve been teaching him some useful acronyms in English. It’s proven to be the most effective way to get him to willingly speak the language. He can, he just normally doesn’t want to. Any situation where he suspects he will have to interact with people in that dreaded language is met preemptively with a large sigh, and possibly a slight whine. (You didn’t hear that last part from me. Oh shoot, he’ll read this… Although if I don’t write it in the Japanese part, he most likely won’t notice. ^^)b )


He already knew business related ones like ASAP, and FYI, as these come up at some point during Eiken and TOEIC (English language exams) tests. Completely new to him though, was AMWF (Asian Male White Female), which is a short and specific term used to describe our intercultural relationship . It’s relatively new to me as well, but I picked up on it a little bit better… Case in point:

英検やTOEICテストで出るのビジネス英語に関するもの、ASAPとか、FYIとかはもう知っているけど。。。AMWF (アジアンメイルホワイトフィーメイル)は彼にとって新しい言葉だった。AMWFというのはアジアの男性が、白人の女の人と付合っている事だ。



YJ: Oh! I saw one of us today!

Me: What? What does that mean?


Me: You saw a radio? I don’t understand.

YJ: Like us! *gestures wildly, still making no sense*

Me: You don’t mean AMWF, do you?

YJ: That’s it!




YJ: あの、あれ。AM…FM


YJ: 俺たちみたいだって!*分かりにくジェスチャーをしながら*



In fact, ever since he’s known there’s a term for it, AMWF couple-spotting has become his new hobby. “I saw an AMWF couple on the way to work!”, “At the supermarket!” “On the street!”

It’s mostly quite cute, apart from the fact that he seems to have gotten the AMFM acronym stuck into his head. Or he’s intentionally getting it wrong to annoy me. It’s a coin toss, really.

If anyone has any good suggestions to respond with next time he uses AMFM instead of AMWF, I’m all ears. I asked him once if he meant “Acrophobic Manatee, Foreign Mutant” gave me a few laughs, but he didn’t get it. 🙁



または。。。わざと言っているかな???そういう可能性もあるね。。。 ^^;




10 responses to “Conversations with YJ: Acronyms / YJと会話: 接頭語”

  1. Kenny says:

    I enjoyed reading your blog a lot and got to know about your blog via SPEAKING OF CHINA, anyhow.

  2. Marta says:

    I think YJ will notice that in the paragraph after the image you wrote 5 lines in English and just 1 in Japanese. Definitely suspicious!! 😀

    Let him use AMFM! You can translate it as “Asian Male, Faraway Mademoiselle” or something ike that, haha.

    • Hmm true, it does look a bit suspicious… But it’s probably fine, he only seems to care about the posts he writes, as well as that very first sleepy conversation post. (He has it bookmarked on his phone… ^^; )

      I like that! AMFM now feels way more exotic, and closer to a book or blog title, haha!

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