The Weekly Bulletin: Week 27, 2014

Back in Tokyo and quite possibly rid of the jet lag, I’m not sure. Regardless! Fun stuff going on this week:




  • The lovely lads in BRADIO have released their second mini-album, and the first music video from it is up and ready! A great track, and as with all their songs, very easy to dance to. Here’s “Overnight Superstar”:

I went to the studio to help with English pronunciation and gave some lyric advice while recording through my work with Trick/Rock., which was fun! Although it’s never easy to change text right before recording, it definitely saw some improvement… and my voice is actually in one of the preludes to the song! They managed to sneakily spring that one on me when I was already on location, so I couldn’t say no. Definitely an interesting experience!

  • Jocelyn Eikenburg of the blog Speaking of China, wrote a very interesting piece on how fierce the racial bias Asian-Americans is in the US: in the workplace, academic circles, the dating scene etc. It’s a really well-written piece on an interesting topic, so please check it out!
  • On the topic of intercultural love, Grace from Texan in Tokyo made a compilation of questions she and her husband receive about their relationship for Metropolis Magazine. It includes useful advice on how to deal with those questions as well. YJ read it, and I know he had said that he’d gotten some questions on the list before, but apparently the list is longer than I thought. I’ll be posting some of the questions he’s gotten later this week. Some of them are pretty out there… ^^;
  • I recently discovered a Kickstarter campaign for a Japanese language learning app that uses gameification to help users memorize, and enjoy it at the same time! You can test your skills against other users realtime, and it looks really fun! It’s called Kanjilicious, and here’s the intro to what the game is about, and why Saren (the developer) and Genki (his adoooorable son) decided to make it:

I’m considering contributing to the project myself because it looks really cool, easy to use, and also anything that makes Kanji fun *has* to be worth paying a little bit for. Really looking forward to the final product, which should be out in September.

  • For those of you in Tokyo, Kinokuniya’s Shinjuku South store is having a giant sale on international books in English, French, German and Italian. It includes fiction, non-fiction, children’s books and more, so there’s something for everyone! Books are 30-60% offーI know I’m going to be taking a look!
  • The World Cup in Brazil is almost over, but I have to share one of the McDonald’s World Cup menu campaign vids, because the Brazilian guy in it is my friend, Davi! How cool is that?

Of course, as is custom when a friend of yours does something awesome, we will make fun of him forever. Current nicknames are Mr. McDonald’s, Brazil Man and more. They’re not creative, but they don’t need to be.

  • Last but no least, there’s a giveaway for the new photo book with Maru the dog (a.k.a the cutest dog in the world apart from mine) on Metropolis’s website! There’s still a couple of copies left, and having flipped through it, I can guarantee it’s a whole pile of cute that needs to be seen. Find out how to enter the giveaway here.


My Stuff

  • I will be on NHK World’s Tokyo Eye, today! The show is aired several times during the day, and it depends on your time zone when you can catch it. This episode is about the heavyweights in free foreign media in Tokyoーlongstanding Metropolis Magazine, and newcomer Time Out Tokyo (at least in terms of print it’s new). It’s viewable via the NHK World website, their smartphone app or on BS TV if you have that. Some international programming may offer it at different times and dates too. The crew followed us around as we did a fashion photo shoot with Dante Carver among other things, including a visit to my favorite latte place in Shimokitazawa, Ballon D’essai. I love that place, and while I’m very happy to help promote them… I’m also a little sad because it’s one of my favorite “secret” spots to hang out. Not so secret anymore! Oh, the sacrifices we make. 😉
  • I posted a Swedish version of “words you already know” earlier this week partly because the research is much easier, and partly because there’s actually quite a few things Swedes have come up with, and it’s kind of neat! I hope to be doing more stuff like that, if only because YJ needs to study, haha!

And that’s pretty much it!
I meant to get back into bilingual posting more than I have… but hopefully that will come along with the reviews that YJ and I will be doing very soon! Until then, have a great week!

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